Podcasting and Videocasting Enter Turkish Media

In a move that’s definitely ahead of the curve, CNN Turk, has made all of its original programming available as free podcasts and videocasts.  I was pointed to this by Altan Alpay, the CEO of Podvertiser, who blogged about it yesterday.   CNN Turk is a JV between CNN International and Dogan Media Group, Turkey’s dominant media conglomerate.  There are further details on the initiative on the CNN Turk website (in Turkish).  I see this as the first signal of the forward-leaning stance for Dogan’s traditional media channels.

One thought on “Podcasting and Videocasting Enter Turkish Media

  1. I am sorry to say but the only way that podcasting or videocasting will be popular after TT or some service provider distribute’s xDSL line with at least 3072kbps downstreams…


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