The Anti-Brand

Auren posted about a crazy business idea:

  Let’s create a new cigarette brand.

We’ll call our brand of cigarettes "Death".

The slogan will be "smoking WILL kill you."We’d be very up front with our customers — we will probably kill you and we don’t think you should buy our product.

"Death" might encourage people not to take up smoking or to quit.      

Truth in advertising might actually work.   

It’s interesting to think about  However, I think the current economics of cigarette advertising would not allow this to happen.  Even if you called your cigarettes "Death", you are tightly restricted on how you can advertise them.  The one bad effect of cigarette advertising regulation is that it enforces the oligapolistic structure of the industry today.  It would be extremely difficult to create awareness of a new cigarette brand.

One thought on “The Anti-Brand

  1. this is not new idea, when i was in high school(2001) we had english class and in a book called headway, if i am not mistaken, there was an interview with a guy who had created “death” cigarettes brand.
    here are some photos of “death” branded sicarette packs

    Black Death Cigarettes


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