Distributed Journalism

When I woke up this morning, NY1 was reporting on the two explosions at the British Consulate in New York.  I saw this as an opportunity for an experiment.  I immediately went to Flickr and discovered that a user has posted a set of 5 photos.  In fact, there were more photos of the aftermath (the closing off of Third Avenue) on Flickr, than the CNN, FoxNews and NY Times websites.

This is a great example of the effects of blogging supercharged with the right tools.  If Vimeo had been as popular as Flickr, I bet I could have found a video clip, as well.  If I were AP, I’d be worried.

One thought on “Distributed Journalism

  1. Read/Write Journalism

    I had previously posted on the topics of citizen journalism and participatory media. Now, Reuters and Yahoo are tapping (NYT; free reg req’d) into the powerful networked-ness of this phenomenon:Starting tomorrow, the photos and videos submitted will be…


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