(Unfortunately) Not a Conscientious Objector

This is another excuse post about why I have not been blogging lately.  However, this time the excuse is a bit more valid than the classic "so busy".

I am currently serving in the Turkish army, performing my obligation as a male Turkish citizen.  The compulsory service is 21-days long and I am assigned to the 58th Infantry Division in the Southwestern Anatolian town of Burdur. Burudr_map2

I am scheduled to be (honorably) discharged on October 22nd.  Then it will be back to my adventures in Istanbul, on which I owe a few update posts.

One aspect I have to comment on is the telecommunications facility here, which has exceeded all my expectations.  Here’s a mug-shot of mine taken at the workstation where I am typing this.


BTW, I suspect its illegal to blog while in the military.

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