What Exactly is Web2.0?

Lately, in most of my business-related conversations, the term Web2.0 pops up.  Generally, there’s an implicit understanding of what I mean by using the term.  Sometimes, however, I find myself grappling with nouns and adjectives trying to convey what I am trying to say.  These words tend to include:

peer produced content

Finally, Paul Graham to the rescue: He has a thoughtful blog post on Web2.0.

One thought on “What Exactly is Web2.0?

  1. Interactive Marketing Summit 2.0

    I am at the Interactive Marketing Summit 2.0 (Etkilesimli Pazarlama Zirvesi 2.0, link in Turkish), organized by Marketing Turkiye. The morning’s highlight was a presentation by Martijn Daalder. For me, the entire morning was about emulating work, as we…


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