Scott Maxwell of Insight Partners has a couple of good blog posts; one suggesting new year’s resolutions for young company CEOs, and the other discussing  strategy advantages young companies can exploit.

The first one very explicitly displays what I had always found difficult in my tenure as the CEO of a young company.  Scott instructs picking a maximum of three of the focus areas he lists.  While it’s true that most companies could prioritize the topics and find which ones need the most attention, the list under TOP PRIORITY – CRITICAL heading is almost always longer than three. That was where having partners/co-founders proved invaluable.  The fact that we were a team of founders meant that each member cared equally about each task, and that afforded each of us the peace of mind that’s otherwise tough to attain.

As a part of his resolutions list, Scott points to his strategy post, and suggest picking up to three of these items.  I disagree with Scott in the other direction on this point.  I think capitalizing on only one of these strategy examples is often sufficient.

Brad Feld thinks #10 in the first list is the most important. I agree.


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