Istanbul New Economy Group – February Meeting

We have set the date for the Istanbul New Economy Group meeting in February.  The details and the RSVP channel is at this link.  To be informed of the developments at the Istanbul NEG, I recommend joining the Yahoo Group.  Alternatively, you can subscribe to this blog, either via the Bloglet utility on this page, or the RSS feed, both on the right hand column.  I will keep blogging about the developments here, as well.

The February meeting will incorporate a few presentations by companies.  If you’d like to present, please let me know.

Via Dave Beisel of Masthead Venture Partners, I have discovered the wiki used by a group called Boston Web Innovators Group.  I think a wiki is an ideal way of organizing communications for a group like this.  If anyone can volunteer to set up and host a wiki, let me know.

UPDATE: For those who have not been following this topic, here are the previous posts on the Istanbul NEG:

The Idea

The Preparation

The Recap

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