2 thoughts on “Free Book: The Virtual Handshake

  1. Yeah, that actually surprised me too. But inkjet printing is about $0.05 to $0.07 a page, typically, once you figure the cost of the ink cartridges. $0.05 x 288 = $14.40. It sells on Amazon for $12.47, and you can get free shipping.
    So now it constantly amazes me when people want to print out e-books. I never will again. If I want something in print that badly, I’ll go buy it. It’s marginally better with a laser printer, but still not enough to justify the hassle.


  2. I was discussing the printing of e-book with my friend Cagan at Teknolabs. It seems to be a viable option when you can not get the book delivered easily (or cheaply), as is the case in Istanbul.


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