Istanbul NEG – February Meeting Recap

The second meeting of the Istanbul NEG was last night.  We had about 40 attendees again and three presenters.

  • – Founder Caglar Erol presented the company, which is a professional networking platform
  • Daveti – Founders Onur Birsen, Evren Kacar and Alp Guneysel discussed their vision for and the features of Daveti, an invitation platform with a strong social networking component
  • Nooluyo – Alp Guneysel shared his thoughts on this emerging collaborative news and tagging website

Except for the background noise which increased consistently at Bizim Tepe, the presentations were received with interest and inquiries.  The venue limitations probably mean that we should be seeking alternative locations. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Cagan Senturk of Teknolabs has set up a wiki for the Istanbul NEG.  Once it’s set up, I will distribute the URL.

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