Smart Stakeholder Relations in Turkey

At SelectMinds, we spent a lot of time thinking about stakeholder relationship management.  Our specific challenge was getting companies to look at their alumni (former employees) as sources of diverse value, e.g. re-recruitment candidates, potential clients, etc.  We knew that the concept could be applied to various stakeholder groups, and were frustrated at how closed-minded most companies were about looking at these stakeholders outside of their explicit context.

Today, reading the paper, I came across an article (in Turkish) that demonstrated one of the most brilliant examples of effective stakeholder relationship management.  Escort Computer, a leading Turkish PC maker, is offering a 15% discount on all laptops desktop computers, to its shareholders.  While I am sure there are details, such as how many shares one has to hold and how long, this hints at Escort’s perspective  on its shareholders.  Very impressive, especially in a market where investor relations is still a crude notion.

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