Movies to Keep

Further blurring the line between the living room TV set and the PC, and helping establish that how a bit enters your home is irrelevant, six major studios are beginning to offer movie downloads.

Starting today, nearly 300 films will go on sale through Movielink,
which until now has been largely an online rental site.

movie site, CinemaNow, will start selling downloadable versions of
about 75 movies from Sony, MGM and Lions Gate, which owns a large stake
in CinemaNow. Curt Marvis, the chief executive of CinemaNow, said he
was talking to other studios about selling downloads.

One thought on “Movies to Keep

  1. Today Om Malik writes about how the new demand for Passive Optical Networks will effect the telecom industry @ his blog However in Turkey we are still far away from even downloading content. Movielink does not even let visitors in.
    However using tabletop units like Digiturk simplifies the process as the 3rd world countries like Turkey suffers from their unorganized infrastructure (lets say overpriced).
    IMO Powerclub’s statistics will give an opinion on how Turkish customers react to legal downloads.


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