Blog Experimentation

I have made two changes to my blog:

First, you’ll notice that there are now text ads on the right column.  This is a service provided by TypePad. The ads are inserted by Kanoodle.  I am interested to see what type of ads this blog will receive and if they will produce any interest from my readers.

Second, I have inserted an Indeed JobRoll widget further below on the right column.  I really like the widgets that TypePad has enabled so far.

One thought on “Blog Experimentation

  1. I liked the JobRoll widget since it only shows the local jobs depend on the visitors location.
    I wonder if it’s context sensitive? If you post something about AJAX, it would be great if it shows only AJAX jobs close the visitors location. Because of the ads will be highly relevant to the topic, higher click-through rate can be expected.
    I also wonder whether Indeed or SimplyHired track turkish job sites. Given the fact that most of the jobs are posted in english, I don’t think it’s trivial to index them.
    If not, this could be a good pet project for an eager web 2.0 entrepreneur in Turkey.


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