“Snub Me, Please!”

Users of social networking sites are familiar with versions of the "connect to/link to/accept me, please" request.  But, i bet most have not gotten one with the request in the headline.  With Snubster, now you might.

According to Wired (thanks, Volkan, for the link), Snubster,

Software engineer Bryant Choung intended to satirize social discovery services when he launched his beta site, Snubster, last month. The site lets members create public lists of people and things that rankle them.
Lately, Choung says the application he created to poke fun at the
idea of online community is becoming its own place to network. People
surf each others’ hate lists and occasionally make contact.

"It has developed into a sort of community atmosphere," he said. "It
seems as though people find entertainment and connections in finding
other people that hate the same things as them."

We’ve seen other parody sites poking fun at the SNS area; however, I must admit, I like the antisocial networking concept, in that, disliking (or being annoyed by) someone, is in itself, a social act.

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