Istanbul NEG: April Meeting Recap

The April meeting of Istanbul NEG was held last Wednesday at ARI Teknokent.  The presenters were Serkan Sevim from 444Cicek (and formerly of Mezun Group) and Kerim Baran from Yonja and MetroListe.

Both Serkan and Kerim shared more than the explicit topic of their presentations.  Serkan told the interesting story of the transition that went through, with forays into IPTV, telecom and e-commerce.  Kerim shared the growth story of Yonja, with numbers, and how he views Yonja as a platform for new offerings such as MetroListe and 7inci.

The venue worked very well for the presentations.  Thanks to the generosity of the ARI Teknokent team, specifically Memduh Karakullukcu and Sevgi Ural, we will have the May meeting there, as well. 

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