Google Health?

USA Today blogged that Google’s Marissa Mayer has hinted about a health-related offering from Google.

…I asked her why Google doesn’t have more vertical offerings, like for
health. Those tend to give users better results in a specific area.

Marissa then said, "Health is an interesting one — keep your eye out
for that next week." But that was about it. Considering that hint,
though, an announcement of a Google Health site seems a good bet.

It’s been almost a year since my June 15, 2005 post about the need for a strong healthcare offering on the web.  I am excited by Google’s move, if it’s true.

One thought on “Google Health?

  1. Kosmix is (yet) another health related vertical search engine founded by classmates of Sergey and Larry from Standford.
    Kosmix founders was studying in the same PhD program (even sharing same room) with those of Google’s.
    Their startup (Junglee) got funded way before Google did. In 98, they sold Junglee to Amazon for $280m. Google was still trying to bootstrap by then…
    The interesting part was the former Junglee (kosmix) founders wanted to acquire Google but Larry declined the offer.
    If Larry accepted the offer, the history internet would have been written so differently.
    Now Google is about to release a health offering which may possibly kill Kosmix…
    Here is the rest of the story:


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