Wireless Problems

Baris has a good post on his view of the wireless world in the US.  He asserts:

1) The ultimate winners are the wireless carriers.

2) There will be a lot of VC money lost, especially money invested since 2005.

The power of the carrier is felt very acutely in Turkey, where there are three carriers, with one over 65% marketshare, and no number portability.  Trying to make money through wireless offerings get you two immediate partners, which take their cut straight from the top line:  the wireless carrier and the government (through very high taxes).  This structure is a constant barrier to Turkish wireless services innovation.

2 thoughts on “Wireless Problems

  1. I think he’s one of the founders of AVMG, the owner of Logizmo brand. There are quite a few companies in Turkcell’s ecosystem, but I suspect, Turkcell is the primary beneficiary of their hard work.


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