CPC with Job Ads

Fred Wilson, on the USV blog, announced the new offering from their portfolio company Indeed the job search engine.  It’s a cost-per-click ad system targeted to job seekers.

If you are an employer looking to hire someone, your job listing is
most likely already in the Indeed index because Indeed crawls the
Internet everyday looking for job listing at the big job boards, the
niche job boards, and company websites. But if you want to "sponsor"
one or more of your listings, you can go to the Indeed advertiser system,
specify which of your job listings you want to sponsor, and then set a
price you are willing to pay per click. The jobs you want to sponsor
will then also appear on the right side under sponsored listings when
someone does a search that returns your job listing.

I am an advisor to iLab, which owns Kariyer.net, the Monster.com of Turkey.  Last week in a strategy meeting, there was some time spent on new offerings in the online recruitment world and Indeed was a topic.  One of the questions that came up was the revenue model.

So, this new announcement sheds some further light to Indeed’s revenue plans.  I find it very exciting, primarily because the CPC system opens up the labor marketplace to new players beyond the job seeker and job advertiser. Fred gives this example:

Think about selling java programming classes or books for java
developers to people searching for java programming jobs at Indeed.
Given that Indeed processes over 20,000 searches with word Java in it
each month, that’s an interesting advertising opportunity in and of

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