Vonage Customer Service

Today, there’s a NY Times article on Vonage’s dismal IPO.  The stock is down 32% in its first week.  As a customer, I am not surprised.

Vonage’s customer service is awful.  It will take you 2 seconds to get connected to a sales person. However, trying to cancel your account is torture. They will keep you on hold for hours. I have been trying to cancel my service for two days, I have spent over 2-hours on the phone, but still have not been able to do it.  I owe them more of my time, I guess.

Jeffrey Citron, Vonage’s CEO and founder, has a checkered past fror his days at Datek.  It seems that the company he’s founded has adapted some of his business ethic.

One thought on “Vonage Customer Service

  1. The best way to disconnect such services is to have you credit card cancelled. Just call the credit card company, tell them you lost your card, and they’ll immediately issue a new one, preventing Vonage from charging the old one. Let them be the ones to be concerned about the disconnection.


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