Hakia is Looking for Software Engineers in Istanbul

From hakia.com:

We will soon kick-off our operations in Istanbul and are
looking to
hire talented software developers to join our dynamic team. We
poised to start our PR and marketing campaign in the U.S. This is
great time to join the team as we develop and introduce hakia’s
generation technology.

Please forward the attached job posting as
you see fit and direct your
friends/friends’ friends to career@hakia.com to apply for the open
positions. We
will hire 4-5 developers and interview rounds will start
in early

Having the right attitude is as important as the skill set (in
form below).

Minimum Requirements:

– Exceptional C#
development experience

– Fluent in English

– Strong communications

– Professionalism and the ability to work under

Experience with:

– .NET remoting


– MySQL and relational database

– SQL database

Visual Studio 2003/2005

– OOP/design pattern

– Windows 2003 server

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