Open Facebook

Facebook is now open to anyone with an email address. Of note is how they are focusing on privacy controls and communicating this change properly to their users.

It will be interesting to observe how this change plays out.

3 thoughts on “Open Facebook

  1. I don’t think this will have any bad impact as might be expected. Because all network groups (e.g scholar, business, location-based) are isolated from each other and treated as separate entities. That’s a good move, I think. They might be afraid of losing markets outside USA, Canada, UK etc.


  2. The real benefit, I thought, to facebook, was for users to be able to rally around social groups formed by real world affinities (namely, the college you attend). I guess we’ll have to see what benefit the site will be for folks who can’t affiliate with any of the pre-established groups, and whether the presence of these “floaters”, for lack of a better term, will have a positive/negative impact on existing users.


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