Istanbul NEG – MoMoIstanbul Meeting

We, as the Istanbul NEG organizers, are very happy to announce the launch of Mobile Monday Istanbul. The kick off meeting will be held on Monday, November 6, 2006 at Ericsson Mobility World (See link for directions) between 18:00 and 20:00.

Mobile Monday (MoMo) is a global community of mobile and Internet professionals.  Mobile Monday’s main activity is face-to-face gatherings on the first Monday of every month (or on agreed Mondays). MoMo Istanbul aims to bring Istanbul’s mobile and Internet professionals together to build networking between individuals and companies. Two of the main purposes of the event are to highlight the hot topics of both industries and to share the knowledge of experts.

Agenda of the first meeting will be as follows:

18:00 Informal Gathering
18:30 Welcoming Remarks
18:40 Ericsson Turkey Consumer Lab Results
19:00 Technology Presentation: Done – SmartWarden & Çek-Yolla
19:20 Networking & One-on-One Meetings

We kindly invite you to participate in this event and pass the word to those who would be interested.

Best regards,
Mobile Monday Istanbul
Organization Committee

One thought on “Istanbul NEG – MoMoIstanbul Meeting

  1. Ticketmaster Ekuayrs Biletix

    Türkiyeden de böyle haberler duyuyor olmak çok güzel.. Ama tabi işin içinde taraflardan biri gene Koç – Sabancı gibi bi dev olunca işin tadı kaçıyor. CNN Türkden şimdi aldığım habere göre, Ticketmaster Türk Biletix&#821…


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