OpenBC IPO: 100MM vs. 35MM

In a comment, Alfonso von Wunschheim brings a welcome explanation to the confusion around how much OpenBC intended to raise.  Thanks, Alfonso.

The rumored 100Mio are based on the fact that they announced to
float 2’509’049 shares at 30-38 euro range, which make 75-100Mio, they
finally went public at 30 and as the greenshoe of 327’268 and 831’781
other shares went to former shareholders, only the remaining 1’350’000
went to the company representing 35Mio.

Why this?
You need to float 100Mio to justify a prime standard quotation in
Frankfurt, and if you don’t need that much money and/or you do not want
dilute some shareholders (the founders!?) too much you sell some
investor shares instead…

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