HeliSkiing in the Kackars

I had heard about how wonderful heliskiing is from a few good friends who’ve done it before and have been following Fabrice Grinda’s writing on it, but I had no idea that the experience would be this amazing.

I got the opportunity to join a group of friends for a weekend of heliskiing in the Kackar mountain range in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.  We were not terribly lucky about the weather, and on Sunday, the only day we got to fly, I learned that there is such a thing as "too much snow" (4-6 meters base, 1-2 meters powder), but the little I got to ski, espceially higher up in the mountains, was incomparable to anything I have experienced in my 30 years of skiing.

The outfit Turkey HeliSki is a 3 year-old operation and they do an amazing job.  A friend warned me before I left that I was about to take a very expensive step and he was right.  I am getting ready to book next year’s trip.

PS. that’s my friend Refik in the pic who was skiing with a seperate group, since no one in our group took a camera up ­čÖé

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