MoMo Istanbul April Meeting

Monday was one of the best Mobile Monday Istanbul events ever.  See the MoMo Istanbul blog for a recap.

One thought on “MoMo Istanbul April Meeting

  1. Hi Cem,
    Aside from the geekdom I live in, web application development, ajax, cutting-edge technology and all that stuff, my second best interest is viral marketing and –closely related to that– social networking and user generated content.
    It’s joyless that I missed this one, looks like a very fruitful MoMo from the recap.
    I will be in Istanbul for 10+ day starting from May 10th. Which means that I will miss the next one as well 🙂
    I’m couting down anyway: “sayılı gün çabuk geçer”
    Cheers from Gallipoli / Çanakkale.


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