I Want My MTV

OK, I could not resist the headline…  Actually, what I mean is that broadcast TV is bankrupt and as a consumer, I am demanding access to video content of my choice, on any screen I prefer, at any time I prefer, and I am willing to pay a lot of money for it.  The technology has been here for a long time, but old media, who still (at least legally) controls content has so far not succeeded in delivering the solution.

I am in NYC this week and being here reminds me both about the available content that I would demand (if only it was offered to me) and that the technology has enabled the U.S. customer to get a similar experience to the above.

What I have in mind can be attained today, fairly easily, although it would involve breaching some laws.  I’d have to set up a server in the US, get a cable tuner next to it, and hook it up to a DVR and a SlingBox.  Wİth the server I can purchase the content offered online in the U.S. (typically blocked to Turkish IPs) like the shows on NBC or iTunes.  With the PVR and SlingBox, I can stream live or saved content to Turkey.  I would pay for the services (cable) and the pay-content.

I can not understand why this valuable an experience is not offered to me by the media/telecoms industry when the technology is so readily available?  When I don’t have this option what do I do?  I watch less video content, and when I do, some of it is pirated.

Don’t even get me started on the zones for DVDs! That’s for another post…

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