No Web2.0

Marc Andreessen has started blogging and out comes a series of great posts, especially this one about how there’s no such thing as web 2.0.  He calls it a trend:

What happens when startups start getting referred to as "Web 2.0
startups" — or for that matter, "B2B startups" or "mobile startups" or
"pen computing startups" — or as being in the Web 2.0/B2B/mobile/pen
computing "space" — is that trends are getting mistaken for markets
and products.

You can’t build a company based on a trend.

One thought on “No Web2.0

  1. I agree with most of his points, but isn’t this a little late? This “trend” is about to end, now we’re entering in web 3.0, semantic web era; and we still discuss “is there such a thing as web 2.0″…


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