MySpace Now Following Facebook

MySpace passed the 100 million users mark almost a year ago.  Facebook has about 25 million users.

MySpace is ranked sixth in highest traffic websites.  Facebook is the 11th.

MySpace has had a homerun exit.  Facebook remains private and independent.

I would not trade Facebook for two MySpaces.

The reason?  They are a technology company making an infrastructure move.  MySpace is a media company.

And Facebook is kicking MySpace’s ass.

FT reports that MySpace will follow Facebook’s lead in developing sophisticated APIs and let developers launch apps on MySpace.

MySpace is likely to change its technology strategy to allow other
online companies to “plug” their web services directly into its social
networking site…

The expected change in approach is a reaction to the success of rival
Facebook, which last month unveiled a similar step to open its network
to outside developers.

There are now over 65 million apps activated on Facebook; about 2.5 per user.  My bet is that MySpace’s comparable platform will not be nearly as effective.  Because MySpace is a media company.

One thought on “MySpace Now Following Facebook

  1. I recently read a Time article which i think discloses Murdoch’s approach to his acquisitions very well. And that approach supports your point as to why “being a technology company” supersedes “being a media company” when it comes to online success. The man simply seems to be acting as if Myspace is basicly an online ad revenue generator. It should (have been) much more than that, only if he cared about where Myspace was going. Well, who cares, if he doesn’t!


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