Turkey’s Got the Most Expensive Broadband

OECD has just released its telecommunications report and here’s a bit that should surprise no one living in Turkey.

As I watch the campaigns for the upcoming elections (which look to be critical in that the results will determine if the current polarization of the country will continue), I hear very little from the politicians in how they will focus on the added-value Turkey generates in its economy.  Information technology is a relatively small part of the Turkish economy, but knowing that the high price of telecommunications is largely due to taxes, it’s discouraging to see that we are now at the bottom of the list.

One thought on “Turkey’s Got the Most Expensive Broadband

  1. Maybe We Turks don’t Have It So Bad When It Comes to Internet Pricing

    I posted recently about my frustrations with very high access prices here in Turkey, accompanied with some data showing Turkey on top of the list. Well, it turns out that the list is a relatively optimistic one. A new report


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