Newspapers Are Dying (767,898,676th Edition)

Newspaper ads in the U.S. are at a 10-year low.  Alan Mutter has a great analysis of how this is actually much worse than it seems.  This chart sums it all up:

On the home front, a new Turkish newspaper just got launched.  The brand new Taraf has been met with a lot of expectations, since there are deep concerns about the independence of Turkish media, with one dominant media company, and a large stake in media, indirectly, by the government.

Taraf has sold 42K on its first day.  A week later, it is reportedly selling around 11K.

Looks like another failure.

By the way, notice the lack of a link for Taraf.  You guessed it:  It does not have a website!!!

One thought on “Newspapers Are Dying (767,898,676th Edition)

  1. I believe that your judgement on the failure of Taraf is a little bit early. It takes a certain amount of time for newspapers targeting relatively “niche” audiences to settle down, in terms of circulation. Referans, for example had a circulation of 30k on the first week, which then dropped to 15-16k, and now it’s steady around 20k’s. Regarding the website, what i learned from a post in the Taraf Facebook group is that they intentionally don’t offer an online presence in an effort to reach people via the newspaper only. I can tell you it’s a move well worth discussing, considering their target audience being well educated and relatively wealthy. By the way, do you believe not having a website has a negative impact on their “failure”?


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