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Om reported this a few days ago and I have been meaning to touch on it, because I think it’s very, very important.

Mozilla is contemplating offering syncing services, which would
allow profile data to be synced between various computers; third
parties eventually will be given some kind of access to this
information as well. Typically such syncing services would be the
preserve of Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. Among the services Beard
mentions are:

  • provide a basic set of optional Mozilla-hosted online services
  • ensure that it is easy for people to set up their own services with freely available open standards-based tools
  • provide
    users with the ability to fully control and customize their online
    experience, including whether and how their data should be shared with
    their family, their friends, and third-parties
  • respect individual privacy (e.g. client-side encryption by default with the ability to delegate access rights)
  • leverage existing open standards and propose new ones as needed
  • build a extensible architecture like Firefox

The meme that’s been around for a while, "the internet is the social network", makes sense.  After all, if it’s the profile information that provides the pivot for the successful social networks, it’s trivial for people to publish that information themselves (think of a broader OpenID).  Open Social and are steps in this direction, as well.

However, I think the browser is a natural platform for users to manage this information.  Wİth extentions, I am doing this everyday in some areas such as managing my bookmarks (via

Firefox‘s moves in this area will be interesting to watch.

4 thoughts on “Firefox Services

  1. I dont know if this is such a great idea. Whenever a search engine mentions that they use users searching patterns people go mad. I can see this going the same way. Most people I know wouldnt want their browsing patterns being sold off to the highest bider.


  2. Intelligence and Context to the Browser

    I have been extremely busy with work over the past few weeks and have not been blogging as regularly as I’d like to. This period has unfortunately coincided with two developments that I regard as very critical milestones in the


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