Green Turk

Murat Gunak, the former head of design at VW, has launched a new green automotive startup:  Mindset.  Even though I am generally turned off by nationalism, I find that I enjoy writing about the successful ventures of fellow Turks.


Mindset’s first car is called the Six50, named after the weight of  the vehicle.  Treehugger has more figures:

Six50 hints at the target weight: 650 kg (1430 pounds). According to
recent reports, the prototype aluminum frame with plastic body actually
weighs in at 800 kg. The car will have a range of 100km (62 miles) on
one charge of its lithium ion batteries and up to 800km with the
two-cylinder petrol motor acting as a generator when necessary. Solar
panels built into the roof help charge the battery. At its light
weight, the 70kW (95HP) motor should move the Six50 along at up to
140km/h (75mph) and from 0 to 100km/h in under 6 seconds.

Seems like a smart move with oil headed to $200.

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