I frequently find myself presenting using slides and always feel like I am not doing as good a job as can be done.  I am very interested in effective presentation methods.  Seth Godin has periodically written about the topic and here's his latest.  I have never seen him speak but understand that he's quite a good deliverer of ideas.  His rules:

  1. Don't use Powerpoint at all.
  2. Use your own font.
  3. Tell the truth.
  4. Pay by the word. 
  5. Get a remote.
  6. Use a microphone.
  7. Check to make sure you brought your big idea with you. 
  8. Too breathtaking to take notes.
  9. Short!

For me, the most critical point is the last one.  Almost all presentations I listen to seem too long.  People must feel they are making a stronger point if they keep repeating it.

Guy Kawasaki, whose presentations I have seen, also has good posts on the issue.

3 thoughts on “Powerpoint

  1. Many people try being a presenter before a speaker. Delivering a technical, demo or a pitching presentation is no excuse for that. In my case, I recommend anyone who wants to improve his speaking skills to join a local Toastmasters Club, and practice in a controlled environment.


  2. Totally agree with the above points. but this format plays better to big idea/vision kinds of talks. I still have a problem with data-heavy presentations… there has to be better ways to visualize large amounts of information than those Excel-driven charts.


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