Facebook’s Social Graph

Mark Zuckerberg's defined Facebook's future to Robert Scoble (paraphrased by the Alley Insider):

Because CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pretty sure the future of the company
won't really be as a destination Web site, but as the Web-wide platform
that connects us not just to our friends, but also the businesses we
transact with.

We knew that.  We call it the social graph, of which there will be one owner, most likely candidate being Facebook.

One thought on “Facebook’s Social Graph

  1. Yem,
    thanks for sharing this. I believe that our social graph would be on many platforms (twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace and so on).
    I also believe we’ll need a search engine to access this information easily and that’s what we’re working on at Status Search( a social graph search engine).


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