Etohum Presentation on VC

On Saturday, I presented an introduction to venture capital at Etohum's Entrpreneurship Camp.  It was fun for me and I hope the attendees found it useful.  I was a bit concerned that I did not answer all the questions to the satisfaction of the crowd, due to time limitations.  I was also a bit disappointed in my ability to answer the questions using proper Turkish – something I strived for – and I think largely accomplished – in the main presentation.  It's difficult for me to deal with industry jargon in Turkish, because it feels a bit artificial and also because I don't necessarily use it in my day to day dealings.  It's easier to fall back on English.

The presentation was streamed live, and I understand Etohum will make it available as a video online soon.

Following the presentation, I came across an article in Entrepreneur magazine titled "4 Common VC Myths".  Even though I might not agree with all the points, especially the attempt at generalizing in the first point, I think it's a good intro for those who may have had their questions go unanswered on Staurday.

5 thoughts on “Etohum Presentation on VC

  1. I hear you on the Turkish/English thing. I had given a presentation at a Management Centre Turkiye conference a couple of years ago in English and had several hostile comments after my talk from some audience members.


  2. Your presentation was quite useful for everyone but there was not enough time to cover more important aspects. I will personally request Burak to arrange another nice event / camp like this one which will only be about venture capitals so that we can dive more and learn the depths of the concept. You should not be feeling guilty for the language as it sounded better for you to define your business approach literally.


  3. Thanks for the presentation. It was very informative for people like me who have no clue regarding venture capital.


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