New Interface Wave

I think we are at the beginning of a new wave of innovation in how we interact with various types of computers.  The fact that my laptop looks like a typewriter makes it less and less suitable for a lot of tasks for which I use it (actually, it's quite appropriate for typing this blog, until voice-to-text is perfected).  That's why there have been many diverse I/O devices for specific tasks, including mice, joysticks, gamepads, etc.

It feels like we're at an inflection point in the area of interfaces.  I am amazed and excited by the prospects offered by companies like Oblong, and innovation such as this.  As computers proliferate and enter many other types of devices, the scope of interface innovation will broaden.  I suspect there will be an enormous economic opportunity associated with this area.

One thought on “New Interface Wave

  1. The iPad UI Shift

    Marc Benioff (of has a thought-provoking piece on TechCrunch the future of software, emphasisizing, unsurprisingly, the cloud, and surprisingly, the iPad. I have not yet seen or used the iPad but i agree with most of Marc’s points. I…


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