No Conflict, No Interest

Angel investor Naval Ravikant has a good post on the Venture Hacks blog, focusing on the potential conflicts of interest when an entrepreneur is engaged with an investor.  This is an issue that comes up frequently in my experience, so I think it would be useful to note here.

Naval's post lays out a good framework to think of the issue, and he sums it up by what I think is the key take-away:

Consequently, the best entrepreneurs display a lot of chutzpah.
They aren’t fazed by the competition, nor do they see shadows in
every corner. They are their own biggest competition.

I could not agree more. 

PS. The title of this post is a quote I hear attributed to John Doerr.  I always read it as "where there's no conflict, there's not interest".  I am not sure that it makes sense to me but I figured it makes a catchy post title.

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