+1 May Be Google’s Way In

The internets are abuzz this morning wıih +1, Google's Like button to counter Facebook's.  I continue to believe that Google sits on top of a very valuable social graph with Gmail, but has not had the chance to make it usable yet.  Unlike Buzz or Wave, this feels like it's the most on target attempt.  With the main difference being that it originates from search.

If Google can get its users to start +1ing their search results, the next step may very conceivably be the (successful) atomization of the +1 button throughout the internet.  Right now, Fb's Like button feels a bit frivolous.  You really don't quite understand what it will exactly do.  The same may be true for Google as well.  However, with Google, we're used to the secret sauce; to the fact that Google has this black box that makes sense of large, disassociated facts to rank pages for us.  We don't need to understand how it does it.  Just that it works for us.

Is Google finally cracking social?

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