What are You Cloning?

Dog_clone1As you can surmise by taking a quick look at my personal investment portfolio, one of my investment types is in Turkish adaptations of businesses that have reached critical mass and success in more developed markets.  In the internet business, this is now being called cloning, and has met with quite a bit of criticism.  

I will not go into why I think that is largely a meaningless debate (many definitions are too loose).

However, I do think there's an important point to keep in mind if and when you are cloning a proven business model.  It is not going to be enough to clone the model, website, etc.  You need to clone the essence of the business; what really made it successful.

If you are working on a Zappos clone, you need to focus on the customer service centric way Hsieh built his company.  Cloning Amazon or Netflix will require relentless concentration on metrics and operational excellence.  Groupon's early success (prior to Citydeal acquisition) was tapping into the community bonds in its geographies by a very human voice on the platform.  

If you are not successful cloning your source of inspiration's DNA, no amount of copy-pasting will be enough.

3 thoughts on “What are You Cloning?

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