Technology Hazards


We usually think about technologic developments making us more vulnerable to threats because of blind spots they may create.  As a new ATM user, you had to make sure your PIN number does not get compromised.  If you are a Tesla driver, you need to think about securing your car so that it does not get hacked by an intruder.  This is well understood.

There is another type of hazard that is caused by technology that now allows you to access areas that you previously were not able to venture into.  One needs to be cautious about these, because they may be less visible.

The reason I am thinking of this is that I am going skiing this weekend and just received the news of two large avalanches in the area.  The number of avalanche-related skiing accidents is rising and this is generally attributed to improvements in ski technology that makes it easier for inexperienced skiers to venture into backcountry terrain that previously required a higher level of skiing ability and experience.

To end on a positive note, it’s been dumping in the French Alps and there will be excellent powder.  Enjoy it carefully please.

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