Enterprise Sales in Turkey


If you are a technology startup targeting Turkish enterprises, you’d better bring your magnifying glass with you.  Here’s an unpopular fact:

Turkish enterprises are tiny!

Let’s take a closer look.  On the 2015 Turkish Fortune 500 list, #500 is a company called Metag.  Annual sales: 284m TL (about $100m).  By contrast, the #500 company in the US is Burlington Stores with $5.1b in sales, 50X the size of Metag.

Another way to look at this would be by absolute size.  If you determine that your target market is companies with >$1b in sales, your target list would have only 40 companies in Turkey.

The US economy is about 20X the size of the Turkish economy ($16tn vs $800b), so you get the picture. It’s not just the relative market size.   There are a lot more enterprises to sell to in developed markets, and each one is probably a more sophisticated buyer of your services, with larger budgets.

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