Cities are What Counts in Emerging Markets

Germany has 4 cities with a population over 1 million.  China has 160! (Probably some metro area vs. city limits debate here, but that’s not the point.)  Look at the top 10 cities by Facebook usage.

FireShot Capture 68 - Facebook Now Has More Users in India T_ - http___www.investopedia.com_news_f

No London, NY or Paris. All emerging markets (despite missing China).

The amount of aggregate attention in large cities in emerging markets is an important factor in many consumer internet businesses.  If you look at internet business models that require local execution, you’ll see that the geography you have to consider is more “city-denominated” rather than “country-denominated”.  It is not a surprise that the food delivery powerhouse (the largest component of $5bn market cap Delivery Hero) came from Istanbul.  When you evaluate local commerce businesses such as Yelp or Groupon, looking at it city by city is more meaningful than looking at it country by country.


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