Our First Unicorn

Today UIPath announced its new round of funding taking the company to a post-money valuation of $1.1b (The news had leaked on Friday and Techcrunch had already run the story).  I actually dislike the unicorn fetish and find the obsession with it meaningless, but I could not resist the headline of this blog post.

What is great about the story at UIPath is that it’s a validation of a key thesis of ours at the Earlybird Digital East Fund:

Innovation is not under the monopoly of Silicon Valley and bright engineers from underserved venture capital markets will continue to build great companies.  There is an attractive VC opportunity in focusing on regions with a strong tech talent base.

Congratulations to everyone involved, starting with Daniel and Marius, my partner Dan Lupu, who was the first to spot the talent in the founding team, Ondrej, Reshma, and Luciana, who have been on this fantastic journey.

2 thoughts on “Our First Unicorn

  1. Hi There,

    Thank u for sharing this unique article. Definitely a life saver.
    Am currently researching to complete my thesis concerning security in RPA focusing on the healthcare industry. Does anyone have any example processes (workflows) used in healthcare so I can build some uipath specific use cases please?
    It runs the automation process in Ui Path mode, runs fully automation mode and assistance mode. In assistance mode human supervision is necessary. In automation mode, it automates n number of the process without human supervision.
    By the way do you have any YouTube videos, would love to watch it. I would like to connect you on LinkedIn, great to have experts like you in my connection (In case, if you don’t have any issues).
    Please keep providing such valuable information.



  2. Hello Alison,

    I love all the posts, I really enjoyed.
    I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing.
    Can you please let me know which package and procedure calls when we run the standard report ‘Multiple Worksite Report for SPWL process’ which is based on PYUGEN.

    As for as I know, we can check in the pay_report_format_mappings_f where report_type = (short name of the concurrent program). But, I can not find any record for this report in this table.
    So, how can we find out the package and procedure name which calls when we run this report. I started using < UiPath Tutorial

    blog for my training practice.
    I look forward to see your next updates.

    Many Thanks,
    Krishna kumar


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