Crowdsourcing Context

I am very intrigued by Polyvore, the fashion content community that is innovating on an interesting aspect of user-generated content.  The power of crowdsourcing when applied to crativity and taxonomy is very fascinating and can lead to impactful search innovation.

This is especially relevant for hard-to-categorize and segment areas such as fashion.  Machines have not been as effective tackling this problem, where they perfom in the identification of patterns and items, but fail in the context, as we saw with  Polyvore will be an interesting company to watch.  I am blown away by some of the stats shared with GigaOm:

it sees 30,000 new sets created daily. It has 140 million page views
per month, 22 million of them from embedded sets, which are often found
on fashion blogs.

The level of insightful indexing that type of data can enable will be enormous.  And that will be very very valuable and monetizable.