Google’s Becoming a Fuller Media Offering

Google has bought dMarc, an advertising technology provider to the radio industry.  The price tag is pretty large – a $100m deal that, with a mega earnout, can go up to $1.14 billion (according to the WSJ, via Jeff Jarvis).

To me, this shows that Google is staking out its position in all areas of media and entertainment.  I presume dMarc strengthens Google’s relationships on the ad sales side.  I look forward to seeing how the radio side of the media/entertainment explosion plays out. (I noticed that Fred Wilson reported the deal in his series he calls "Exploding Radio". As I think about how radio, or pure audio content, will be impacted by the [r]evolution in media, I keep getting this picture of an old radio set, getting blown to pieces, in my mind.- Thanks Fred)

One thought on “Google’s Becoming a Fuller Media Offering

  1. google adsense for radio? not too far.
    excerpt from the article:
    Google imagines a world where only single people see ads, and people who can’t drive see ads from taxi companies where others see Toyota campaigns. Where fraternities see ads for strip clubs, beer, Cancun weekends and LSAT prep courses, and only seniors (and their adult children) see ads for Alzheimer’s drugs. What would be the value of that increased efficiency, capitalized into present dollars? Ten billion? Fifty billion? I say the value is $100 billion — 25 percent of the total U.S. advertising market and 15 times Google’s current size.


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