Venture Capital and Media

Umair’s post today made me realize the source of some recent anxieties I have been experiencing.  He points out a post by Scott K., to whom he did not link and I was not able to locate, and comments how VC and media are not compatible.

I have been operating as an early-stage investor (without much investing :)) since the summer.  However, as my interest has been shifting from technology to media, the set of available investment opportunities have been shrinking.  So maybe, Umair is correct, when he says:

"…this is because VCs (with a few notable exceptions) and media are not a
great fit – they don’t get media, they’re a bit scared of investing in
media, and they often treat it like tech."

If he is correct, then there should be room opening for VC involvement in media, as the internet growth slams into media.

2 thoughts on “Venture Capital and Media

  1. Cem,
    As a VC looking at a media deal now, I must say that yes, it is harder for VC’s to invest in media. We like to invest in businesses where technology gives a leverage. This is hard in media. I’d be interested to talk if you found something different.


  2. I believe it has got to do with returns of their investment. It does not matter whether it is X or Y or media industry. VCs invest where there’s gold in them there hills. I don’t think it’s a matter of “getting it” or being comfortable in a certain industry. Entrepreneurs build, VCs learn and invest (if there are huge returns like 20x or 30x), and customers consume.


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