Lots of Right-wing Babies

Auren has a thought provoking post on the correlation between optimism and fertility.  It immediately reminded me of the recent debate on the "Fertility Gap" between liberals and conservatives.

Can we now deduce that liberals are pessimists and conservatives are optimists?  If yes, does that not clash with the truism that one tends to get more (politically) conservative as one ages?

I suspect that it is more of a geographic bias, as I would guess there are higher birth rates in the red states.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Right-wing Babies

  1. Interesting… never thought of it from this angle, but it makes some sense. Pessimists see problems, optimists see opportunities. Pessimists: “this is a tragedy. We have to do something now to make the problem go away.” Optimists: “this is a work in progress, it’s getting better day by day.”


  2. Conservatives (depending on your definition) are usually religious people. All the big religions I know of supports birth and somewhat against birth control.
    The question you should ask yourself is, if this trend continues and if conservative families bring up their kids as conservatives, what would US or any other country would look like in 50 years?


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