Acumen Fund Seeking Fellows

Acumen Fund is an extraordinary organization that takes a disciplined approach to create sustainable philanthropic ventures. They are seeking a new class of Acumen Fellows. The ideal candidate looks like this:

Who should apply? Only those individuals with exceptional business skills,
proven international interests and a great ability to work with people. Acumen
Fund Fellows have the talent to do almost anything in their careers, and the
vision to see themselves making significant change to challenging social
problems. Fellows have the maturity to work with independence in Africa or South
Asia. They are communicators and team players. They are individuals who do not
accept the status quo. They are problem-solvers and listeners. They have a sense
of humor. Previous international experience helps. So does a track record that
demonstrates not only innovation and imagination but also the ability to work
with teams and in diverse situations. In short, we are looking to identify some
of the world’s next generation of leaders.

Here are the instructions for potential applicants.

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