Hakia Article on Read/Write Web

R/WW has an early review of hakia and its semantic search endeavor.  At the end, Alex Iskold answers the fundamental question that’s on everyone’s mind:

Will Hakia beat Google? Hakia itself
has no answer, but my answer at this point is no. This current version is not exciting
enough and the resulting search set is not obviously better. So it’s a long shot that
they’ll beat Google in search. I think if Hakia presented one single answer for each
query, with the ability to drill down, it might catch more attention. But again, this is
a long shot.

I still think it’s too early to call the game in the case of hakia.  As Melek notes in the comments, they are continuously improving.  Also, this kind of attention from the digiterati can not hurt. 

One thought on “Hakia Article on Read/Write Web

  1. I agree Hakia has a ways to go. A simple question like this returns useless results:
    How many doctors practice in the USA?


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