Beisel’s Seven Areas to Watch and How They Relate Outside the US

David Beisel has a succinct post on seven trends he has identified as start-up opportunities.

1. The digitalization of transportation experience.
2. Internet’s facilitation of green lifestyle.
3. Influence and word-of-mouth marketing facilitated by online social software.
4. Fundamental shift demographics of internet usage.
5. Mobile consumption of information.
6. Wide proliferation of video.
7. Digital information becoming increasingly personalized with greater user control and choice.

While most of these trends can be identified as being universal with the internet, some are more relevant to the entrepreneur outside the U.S.  Trend number 5, mobile consumption of information is where the international entrepreneur is actually ahead of her American counterpart, and trend #2 is probably not going to be so relevant outside the U.S. for a while.

However, the rest of the list is very important, relevant and worth some thinking by the international entrepreneur.  And among those, I think the most critical is the shift in demographics.  We are now feeling that same shift very emphatically in Turkey, and I bet that it will form the basis for the next generation successful internet businesses here.

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