Maybe We Turks Don’t Have It So Bad When It Comes to Internet Pricing

I posted recently about my frustrations with very high access prices here in Turkey, accompanied with some data showing Turkey on top of the list.

Well, it turns out that the list is a relatively optimistic one.  A new report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe looks at the grim case in Kazakhstan (via ArsTechnica).

Most users (and only four percent of the country even has access) hook
up through state-owned Kazakhtelecom, a company not concerned with
competitive pricing for its services. An unlimited dial-up plan costs
about €82 ($111) in a country where the average monthly wage is €292
($399). As for DSL, an unlimited 1.5Mbps connection costs €2,458
($3,355) a month, and doesn’t even included the required ADSL modem.
Want a 6Mbps cable connection? It’ll cost you, to the tune of €16,144
($22,032) a month. As the OSCE report drily notes, this is more than a
thousand times the price of such a connection in Western Europe.

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